Orchard Primary reading mornings

At Orchard we have recently introduced a weekly ‘reading morning’ where we invite parents into the school to take part in reading activities with their child. The aim of the morning is to encourage daily reading at home and to show parents the wide range of activities and conversations that can result from sharing a fiction or non-fiction book.
Some of the activities that take place include:
• Demonstrating how parents can create story maps
• Making puppets and writing character profiles
• Creating animal life cycles and animal fact files
• Developing questioning techniques
The reading mornings have proved a huge success with a high degree of up take from parents. The children have responded positively and enjoyed some quality reading time with their parents.
Out of 25 sets of parents, 18 have been attending regularly, and it has been particularly pleasing to see so many dads joining us!
Parent feedback shows that they have enjoyed the sessions. They have really helped parents to support their children’s reading and learning at home.
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At Sudbourne every class takes a turn to Tweet from the point of view of the child. We do this 3 or 4 times a day for a week on rotation. We have had an excellent response from parents and now have lots of followers who appreciate seeing photos and notes about what their children are getting up to. We have found it a really quick, easy and fun way to improve our communication with parents.

Class Blogs

At Rosendale primary school, all the classes have their own blogs. We are big fans of the blogs as it allows us to share with parents and careers all the things their children get up to during the school day. We also use our blogs to inform parents about the topic that we will be learning about the following week. This is one area of our blog that has developed over the course of the year. We use to write a post informing the parents and carers but then thought of a way we could do it so that the children could benefit as well. We decided to make mini videos using iMovie. It is so quick and easy that it was sometimes much quicker doing it this way. The videos had a huge impact on the children because on a Monday they would come in with loads of books that they had found at home based on our topic. Check out some of the videos below. 


At Rosendale Primary school, we have been learning to half. In RIH we made numicon bread and then had to cut it in half. We talked about half being the same size as well as having the same amount of dots. The children loved doing it and loved eating it even more.


We started our topic on SUPERHEROES by having a “come dressed as your favourite superhero” day.
All of the children and staff made a huge effort and the costumes were amazing.


The role play was a superhero workshop where the children could make masks, badges, costumes etc. The phone in the role play area was red hot as people phoned up for help. The children kept a log of incidents, writing down the emergency and which superhero was attending.

We managed to get a lot of writing (especially from our reluctant boys) and the role play area was so well used.

Linda and Sara (Richard Atkins)

We love to share great ideas!

Some of our favourite ideas of how cluster colleagues are supporting pupils in Windmill settings included: these great laminated lanyards with ELG descriptors for each of the early learning goals to help staff when they are recording observations and: this hand-out featuring lots of fantastic cross curricular maths activities!
Big thanks to our two models!